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Rileys are a primary UK dealer for Vogelsang dribble bar type booms in widths from 12m to 36m.


Dribble bar booms

Vogelsang dribble bar systems provide accurate application of slurry and digestate. The slurry is deposited close to the ground, either into growing crop/grass or onto bare land or stubble, allowing spreading to take place in windy weather conditions and minimising losses to the atmosphere.

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The SwingUp is a very versatile dribble bar system available in sizes from 7.5 to 18m. It is a remarkably lightweight and compact boom suitable for use with trailed tankers. The DropStop system rotates the hoses upwards to prevent dripping when the boom is not in work. For transport it folds down the sides of the tanker.


The SwingMax is the largest dribble bar for trailed tankers in the Vogelsang range. The dribble bar linkage allows it to follow ground contours, ensuring the outlets are kept close to the ground at all times. It is designed to be mounted on a four-point linkage. Widths of up to 33m utilise two ExaCut macerators, whilst the mammoth 36m version features three. Options include active slope compensation and Comfort Flow Control which makes section control possible.


The Vogelsang Compax dribble bar is designed for working with self-propelled applicators. Available in widths of 12m, 15m and 18m, it is designed for a three-point linkage systems and folds into a compact unit behind the vehicle.


For working with umbilical slurry spreading systems Vogelsang offers the BackPac dribble bar in sizes from 21 to 30m. It mounts on a three-point linkage and incorporates a reinforced frame and robust pull swivel for the feed hose. A headland management function and half-boom shut-off are standard features.

To find out more about the Vogelsang range please contact us or visit the Vogelsang website

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