You can rely on Rileys for premium machinery with premium back up.

You can rely on Rileys for premium machinery with premium back up.

Well-known nationwide as the long-established UK importers of the market-leading Vervaet sugar beet harvester and spreader ranges, customers across the whole country know they can rely on Riley’s for the complete package.

Get to know Rileys & Vervaet Experiencing Quality

Get to know Rileys & Vervaet Experiencing Quality

J Riley Agri imported the first Vervaet tanker harvesters into the UK in 1994. The machines were right and coupled with Rileys first class backup they quickly became the market leader. So much so that Rileys became known as ‘the six-row specialists.’ Today there are over 160 Vervaet harvesters in the country, easily making them the obvious market leader. The15-strong Riley team looks after all aspects of Vervaet harvesters and self-propelled slurry applicators and provide a first-class level of service to customers nationwide.

The Dutch manufacturer Vervaet is a family-owned company. The first self-propelled beet harvester was produced in 1974 and the Hydro Trike was developed in 1990. The company has in excess of 180 employees and together they ensure that Vervaet products are manufactured to the highest quality for customers worldwide. Vervaet invests almost 10% of its turnover in research and development and produces 75 to 100 new self-propelled machines every year.


The latest innovative solutions developed by Vervaet exceed customer demands and help to push the boundaries of efficiency, reliability and convenience .


The straightforward design of Vervaet machines is appreciated by owners and operators alike and results in a sophisticated and modern machine with low maintenance costs.


A Vervaet machine backed up by Rileys is a safe investment with low maintenance costs, a high residual value and impressive output making it the key to success.


Vervaet’s slogan ‘Experiencing Quality’ represents the company’s aim to produce top quality products. No expense is spared to ensure machines meet the highest standards.


As sole importers for the UK of the full Vervaet product range, Rileys provide customers with nationwide support and backup. Engineers are fully trained and their knowledge of the market-leading Vervaet products is second to none.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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