Hydro Trike Solid Manure Spreader

The Hydro Trike self-propelled spreader is extremely manoeuvrable, robust and light-footed whilst also capable of achieving the highest levels of output and efficiency.

Hydro Trike Solid Manure Spreader

The ultra low ground pressure option for tender soils

When fitted with a bespoke solid spreading body the Hydro Trike makes an excellent high-capacity self-propelled spreader with low ground pressure characteristics for minimal soil impact. The body has a very generous 20 cubic metre capacity. The rear slurry door is useful when spreading semi-liquid materials and can be used to help adjust the application rate. All components are hydraulically driven from the Trike’s auxiliary pumps.

To find out more about the Vervaet Hydro Trike Solids Spreader please visit the Vervaet website

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