Hydro Trike Umbilical

The Hydro Trike self-propelled spreader is extremely manoeuvrable, robust and light-footed whilst also capable of achieving the highest levels of output and efficiency.

Hydro Trike Umbilical

High-speed high-tech spreading with extreme manoeuvrability

The Hydro Trike range can also be equipped with an umbilical slurry application system to create a high-capacity but low ground pressure spreading outfit perfect for working on bare land or top-dressing growing crops.

A Hydro Trike or Hydro Trike XL makes the ideal base machine for an umbilical applicator. With its one-wheel-per-track capability, either three wheels over 3.0m or five wheels over 4.5m, and optional central tyre inflation system, the Hydro Trikes is kind on soils.

To find out more about the Vervaet Hydro Trike Umbilical please visit the Vervaet website

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