Beet Eater Chaser

A reconditioned Vervaet Beet Eater 625 or 925 harvester provides the ideal base machine for the Beet Eater chaser with the added benefit of keeping the cost at a sensible level.

Vervaet Beet Eater Chaser

Reconditioned, lower cost, and surprisingly manoeuvrable.

The engine and drive train are retained, and given a thorough service with parts replaced as necessary. The 16-litre Deutz V8 engine produces 600hp and drives through a Sauer/Danfoss hydrostatic transmission with diff-locks, the combination providing plenty of power for working in adverse conditions.

The ring trace is removed and the holding tank modified to take advantage of the additional space. New tank floor chains, sprockets and Hardox wear sheets can be fitted depending upon the customer’s wishes. When in work the unloading elevator can be lowered down to 2.5m for gentle handling when discharging onto the ground or raised up to 4m when topping up an established heap or emptying into a trailer. A full tank load is discharged in around 40 seconds.

With all of the lifting components removed the chaser is surprisingly light, and despite water ballasting of the four front tyres to balance the machine and provide stability it still tips the scales at far less than a high-horsepower tractor and large trailed chaser. Running on six 800mm wide tyres the machine treads very lightly to minimise soil impact. It’s also surprisingly manoeuvrable for its size, with all six wheels steering and a 7.9m turning circle.

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