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Rileys import the extensive range of slurry machinery manufactured by Evers including cultivator injectors for tankers and self-propelled machines.


Cultivator, disc harrow and strip-till injectors

The extensive Evers slurry application range of tillage machinery includes both disc harrow type and cultivator type injectors capable of carrying out a cultivation whilst at the same time thoroughly incorporating slurry or digestate.

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Toric range

The Evers Toric range consists of a short disc harrow fitted with slurry outlets either behind or in front of the first row of discs for one-pass shallow cultivating and slurry incorporation. These tools are suitable for working with trailed tankers and self-propelled machines. The Toric is available in three variants: the standard Toric, with rubber disc suspension and working widths from 4.5 to 6.7m, Toric Compact, a 6m wide machine with leaf spring suspension of the disc elements, and in trailed format as the Toric XL in 9m and 12m versions. A rear-mounted heavy-duty tubular cage roller consolidates the worked ground.

Toric Mono

The Toric Mono version is a disc harrow injector aimed at larger working widths. It uses just one row of discs, with slurry outlets positioned directly behind each disc, which is followed by heavy-duty angled levelling tines to ensure the slurry is well covered. It is a compact and lightweight machine, making it particularly well-suited to working with trailed tankers. Working widths are 7.8m or 9m.

Freiberger and Oldenburger

The Evers line-up includes a wide-range of rigid- and spring-tine cultivator injectors. The extensive list of options available to choose from includes two or three rows of tines, depth wheels or a rear cage roller, following harrow tines and a choice of macerators. Rigid tines are ideal for light and medium soils, whereas spring tines are better suited for heavier and stony soils. Working widths from 3m to 10.2m can be specified. These injectors are suitable for trailed tankers and self-propelled machines.

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