Rileys are sole UK importers of the high-spec Bomech range of trailing shoe slurry applicators suitable for tankers and self-propelled machines.


Trailing shoe technology

Dutch manufacturer Bomech has over 30 years of experience making trailing shoe slurry injectors and offers an extremely comprehensive range in widths from 5m to 30m suitable for mounting on trailed slurry tankers, self-propelled machines and directly onto the tractor linkage. The trailing shoe outlets part the crop canopy and place the slurry onto the ground, underneath the leaves, reducing crop contamination and giving the crop faster access to nutrients. This system also minimises losses to the atmosphere and the environment. Automatic level adjustment and individual suspension allows the applicator to follow ground contours. Bomech produces its own precision macerators under the Alrena brand name which are fitted to its trailing shoe applicators

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The Bomech Up range is designed for smaller tankers. It is available in sizes from 7.5 to 10.5m, and folds vertically for a road transport width of 2.55m. The Field Contour System (FCS) ensures optimal following of ground contours, even when working in difficult terrain.


The Bomech Speedy is a very lightweight (believed to be the lightest on the market) and cost-effective trailing shoe system available in working widths of 12m and 15m. Suitable for mounting on new and used slurry tankers, the optional Bomech E-Control system requires just one double acting valve from the tractor/tanker to control all functions. Two Alrena macerators distribute slurry to the trailing shoe outlets. For transport the wings are folded down each side of the tanker.


The Farmer series is a slightly heavier trailing shoe applicator produced in widths of 12m or 15m. The compact design is mounted close to the tanker, making it well-suited to retrofitting directly onto a tanker or a three- or four-point linkage. Two Alrena macerators distribute slurry to the trailing shoe outlets. For transport the wings are folded down each side of the tanker.

Multi and Multi XL

The basic Multi trailing shoe applicator is a professional machine available in working widths of 12m, 15m and 18m. Numerous available options include a hydraulic independent suspension system. The HC (Heavy Construction) version has a stronger middle frame and is capable of handling a throughput of up to 12,000 l/min. The Multi Profi version, in widths of 21m or 24m, is built to HC specification as standard. The largest Multi 4XL is a high-spec applicator produced in 27m and 30m versions. It uses four Alrena macerators and is prepared for a five- or six-point linkage.


The Bomech Trac-Pack is specifically designed for fitting to self-propelled slurry applicators. All versions, with working widths from 12m to 24m, fold neatly behind the machine and have a 2.99m transport width. An 8” slurry feed and four Alrena macerators allow the 21m and 24m versions to accept up to 12,000 l/min.

Farmer Umbilical

The Farmer Umbilical (12m or 15m) shares many of the high-spec features with the Farmer tanker-mounted applicator but is also suitable for use with an umbilical system. It is equipped with a rotating hose coupling mounted low-down and near the tractor, but the removeable frame makes it a dual-purpose machine also capable of being fitting to a trailed tanker.

To find out more about the Bomech range please contact us or visit the Bomech website

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