Reliability is what matters when a lot of work has to be done in a short time. Something that is pre-eminently applicable for manure application.

The Hydro Trike is distinguished by its simplicity and innovative technology and is also a profitable investment due to its low maintenance costs and high residual value. The vehicle can be used universally for spreading, among other things, slurry, digestate, compost, solid manure and lime.

Vervaet Quad 550

Quad 550

The flagship of Vervaet’s range of professional manure application technology. Offering a 21m³ tank, 550hp engine and hydro-mechanical drive the Quad provides enormous output.

Hydro Trike Slurry

Hydro Trike Slurry

The Hydro Trike is a truly multipurpose machine, but it really excels at slurry application. Tanks are available with capacities ranging from 14,000 to 19,000 litres to suit different models in the range.

Hydro Trike Umbilical from Vervaet

Hydro Trike Umbilical

The Hydro Trike can be equipped with an umbilical slurry application system to create a high-capacity but low ground pressure outfit perfect for working on bare land or top-dressing growing crops.

Hydro Trike Solids Spreader from Vervaet

Hydro Trike solid spreader

With the 16 or 18-tonne surface-mounted spreader, you can transform the Hydro Trike and the Hydro Trike XL in no time into a reliable self-propelled and high-When fitted with a bespoke solid spreading body the Hydro Trike makes an excellent high-capacity self-propelled spreader with low ground pressure characteristics for minimal soil impact.

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